Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products handmade?

Yes! Each product is handmade with love!

How often are your products made?

All products are made to order to ensure freshness.

Can your products help my skin condition?

Unfortunately, I am not a physician and I cannot say if the products will help anyones condition. What I will say is that the products are all natural, which tends to aid in the healing of the skin for most people. If you have any further concerns, please consult with your physician before using any of the products.

Are your products all natural?

Yes, all of the products are natural. However, all of the products are not vegan as we use beeswax for the balms.

Can you make custom artwork for me?

Yes, I am currently accepting requests for commission pieces. I can be contacted via email ninathenatural@gmail.com You will need to let me know the size, color scheme, and desired design. Please be aware that if you are seeking a piece that is similar to one listed in my shop, it will not come out the exact same. All of my work is abstract and rarely can be duplicated.

How is each piece of work priced?

Each piece is priced based off the canvas type, size, complexity, and time creating.

Is a deposit required for commissions?

Yes, a deposit of 50% is required and is non-refundable. The remainder can be paid when the piece is completed.